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Beijing Raybaca Technology Co., Ltd is a Hi-tech RFID company which was established in 2009, specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing and distribution of RFID products,All our products comply with FDX- A/B, ISO11784/85, ISO18000-6C standards,and it provides High performance products and service to customers all over the world. We established long term cooperation with Ministry of agriculture,Academy of sciences, Fisheries and forest department of China, Agricultural university of China, Institute of aquaculture, Animal husbandry and biological laboratory etc. The Services provided by Raybaca including: Animal management software services, animal breeding and tracking management , RFID solutions, software development, RFID technical supporting and RFID training, etc. Our products mainly includes: RFID earTags , RFID readers of LF/HF/UHF, chips, transponders,wireless network equipments, and so on.

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